Steam Bath Generator - STEAMCORE Pro-series

The Steamcore™ Pro-Series models of steam generators are the first choice for commercial applications, including large fitness centres, gyms, condos, hotels, and large prestigious residential steam showers, and custom home builders.

Featuring the highest quality components and backed by years of proven reliability, each unit is carefully inspected and mechanically tested to provide unsurpassed performance. 

Unique engineering innovations ensure that any Steamcore™ model will meet the needs of almost every type of high-traffic steam room. 

All backed by the safety and reliability of the most advanced control board and operating system in the industry.

Steamcore Pro Series OptionsPro Package Features

  • Surgical Stainless Steel boiler tank.
  • Industrial large diameter low-density incoloy heating elements. (800 series)
  • Automatic Rinse and Flush operation. - Factory installed
  • SPA II Steamheads with aroma oil reservoir.
  • Steam room temperature sensor.
  • Stainless steel exterior body with serviceable heating elements.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Fresh water after every use.
  • 3 level water sensing operation of boiler tank.
  • SSI Controller (chrome finish) (matching SPA II steamhead finishes):
    • Electronic digital control mounted inside or outside Steam Room. 
    • Timer and temperature control with pause feature. 
    • Low Voltage.
  • State-of-the-art electronic steamer operations circuit board.
  • Compact design.
  • ASME pressure valve.
  • Dual Auto and Manual Flush Valves. 
  • (Silver and Elegance Series) - factory installed
  • Energy efficient (uses minimal amount of water to produce steam due to its compact design).
  • Limited 5-year warranty. 
  • Optional Limited Lifetime Warranty with ‘Maintenance Program’.
  • Available up to 600 volts - 36000 watts.
  • Brass fill and drain valves
  • 1 hour or 24 hour SSI keypad

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Model Description Regular Price Sale Price
KWS 9 CELG 9000 WATTS  $6,160.00 $5,160.00
KWS 10.5 CELG 10500 WATTS  $6,380.00 $5,380.00
KWS 12 CELG 12000 WATTS  $6,710.00 $5,710.00
KWS 13.5 CELG 13500 WATTS $6,930.00 $5,930.00
KWS 15 CELG  15000 WATTS  $7,480.00 $6,480.00
KWS 18 CELG  18000 WATTS $7,980.00 $6,780.00 
KWS 22.5 CELG 22500 WATTS $9,020.00 $7,820.00
KWS 27 CELG  27000 WATTS $10,730.00 $9,230.00
KWS 31.5 CELG  31500 WATTS $11,550.00 $10,000.00
KWS 36 CELG 36000 WATTS $11,990.00 $10,400.00
600 VOLT SYSTEM $700.00  
Stainless Steel Drip Pan $200.00  

Steamcore Pro Series Aroma Dispenser Upgrade

Aroma Dispenser
[Optional Upgrade]

Adding an aroma dispenser to any commercial application will allow users to enjoy a constant fragrance relaxation experience.