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The Steamcore™ Spa II Series will create a steam spa experience like no other. As you, retreat from every day grind and enter your steam shower oasis, you will receive the ultimate steam shower experience.

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Powerful steam and elegant design – essential elements for unwinding in style. The Steamcore™ Elegance Package delivers a new soothing dimension in steam bathing and style. Total impact…from a compact package – soothing power, relaxing steam, and all wrapped one stunning compact design.

Do you believe that one has to choose between elegance and performance? Between practicality, value and beauty? You don’t. Because the Steamcore™ Spa II proves that you can have everything you want while compromising on virtually nothing. 

Steambath Setup Example

Sizing & Selection

  1. Measure the length, width and height (in feet) of the steam shower. 
  2. Multiply the three measurements together to get the basic volume in cubic feet.
    L x W x H = CUBIC FEET x % (wall finish)

A ceramic steam shower with the dimensions 7ft length by 5ft wide and 7ft high (7ft x 5ft x 7ft =245), is 245 Cubic ft. Since the steam shower has ceramic wall finishes,it then requires a 25% cubic footage increase. (Ceramic tile) 25% x (steam shower) 245 = 61.25 ft 

The wall finish cubic feet is then added to the original dimensions to calculate the total cubic footage, which in this case is 306.25 ft. (ceramic tile) 61.25 + (steam shower) 245 = 306.25 ft

Now select the next size of Steamcore model generator which exceeds the calculated room cubic feet. This case the KWS (9000 watts) generator is required. If there is doubt in size, it is recommended to choose the next larger size.