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Elite™ 'C' Series

Commercial & Large Residential Sauna Heater

The New Saunacore™ Elite™ Series sauna heaters allows you to add more than one unit side by side to create an entire wall designed as a radiant heat collector; people can enjoy its benefits in the toasty comfort of their new sauna rooms. With the Elite™ Series heating system, you can use the radiant heat flow from an original design to heat the thermal wall. This allows the wall to radiate heat into the sauna room towards the sauna bathers. 

The Saunacore™ Elite™ Series is giving a whole new dimension in traditional sauna bathing. This system is becoming an increasingly popular addition to sauna designs because of its heating benefits, radiant heat, energy efficiency, low maintenance, inexpensive, and quick construction. The wall is built from materials that act as a thermal collector: stone or concrete. In addition, its ability to be incorporated as a functional yet beautiful part of interior decorating makes it a top choice for sauna construction or remodeling. 

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