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Infrared Emitter

InfracoreTM Emitter

  • Soothing , Penetrating, Detoxifying Heat
  • 96% Infrared Energy Efficient Produces infrared rays in the FAR Infrared
    Spectrum of 5.6 to 15 microns with a Lifetime warranty against burnout
  •  Estimated life 10,000 operational hours
  •  Glazed, non corrosive finish
  •  Easy to clean and splash proof
  •  Concentrated Infrared. Wave pattern.
  •  Pure ceramic
  •  Stainless Steel housing, reflector and heat shield
  •  Max. temperature 1292°F (700°C)
  •  Pure surgical stainless steel construction
  •  Low electromagnetic field radiation
  • Approx. physical size (housing) 3-½’w x 18-¼’ x 2-⅜’d
  • Requires on average (1) emitter per 14 cubic ft.

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