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Sizing Available
6000W to 12000W 48”w x 21 ½”h x 11 ½”d

Model Heater Size Regular Price
KW 6 ET C 6000 WATTS 208 VOLTS $2,500.00
KW 7.5 ET C 7500 WATTS 208 VOLTS $2,750.00
KW 9 ET C 9000 WATTS 208 VOLTS $2,950.00
KW 10.5 ET C 10500 WATTS 208 VOLTS $3,150.00
KW 12 ET C 12000 WATTS 208 VOLTS $3,350.00
Digital Control N/C
Built In Control $450.00
208V 1PH N/C
208V 3PH (6000 Watts) $300.00
208V 3PH (7500 Watts +) N/C
600V Upgrade $600.00
Pre-wired contactor/terminal block (metal enclosure incl.) $550.00
SSB Package (Black trim) $900.00

Elite ‘C’ Series

The New Saunacore™ Elite™ Series sauna heaters allows you to add more than one
unit side by side to create an entire wall designed as a radiant heat collector;
people can enjoy its benefits in the toasty comfort of their new sauna rooms. With
the Elite™ Series heating system, you can use the radiant heat flow from an original
design to heat the thermal wall. This allows the wall to radiate heat into the sauna
room towards the sauna bathers.

  •  Entire body stainless steel
  •  Energy efficient
  •  Floor mount
  •  Heat deflector
  •  Vented body design
  •  Sauna stones included
  •  Pure stainless steel construction Available up t 600 volts
  •  Mercuri controls included
  • Triple stainless wall construction
  •  Extreme duty grade
  •  Holds up to 280 lbs rocks
  •  Industrial grade silver solder elements

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