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Outdoor Traditional Sauna

Country Living Barrel Sauna

With the Country Living Barrel Sauna, the choice is clear if you have the outdoor space and want a sauna that has efficient air circulation and quick heating time compared to a traditional shape sauna; this sauna is what you need. With this outdoor barrel sauna model, if electricity is an issue you have the option of a traditional Saunacore CTY-WS12 wood burning stove.

Classic outdoor Traditional Sauna

The classic model offers a look and feel similar to our indoor models. While it comes in two standard sizes, custom sizes and shapes are also available for those looking for a sauna room built to their needs. Our sauna models made for the outdoors come with the same durable and easy-to-install construction our indoor models feature.

Our outdoor sauna models are durable and constructed with an easy-to-install design that our indoor saunas contain.

Our saunas Do NOT have corner moldings, which are used to cover up imperfections, all our cedar panels are custom cut and aligned to match from one wall to the other, all V-joints match up, each individual piece of cedar cut is trimmed for an exact fit.