Infra-Core EmitterINFRA-CORE™ Emitter

Wide Spread Projection Infrared Emission Pattern of a “Max”, “Premium”, “Premium Dual” & “Horizon” Series Pure Ceramic Heating Emitter

The ceramic emitter is 96% radiant efficient. It is designed in a concave style shape and reaches a max temperature of 1292˚F (700˚C) with an estimated life of 10,000 operational hours. The emitter is designed with a glazed finish that is easy to clean with its splash proof and non-corrosive features. Housed in surgical stainless steel allows the far infrared to penetrate the body at it's purest form, allowing the best for one's health.

INFRA-CORE™ emitters have the lowest wattages allowing the user to have a piece of mind and confidence of enjoying a true far infrared. 

Saunacore™ strategically ensures the emitter placement is optimal for total body coverage.

Not only does it showcase a lower surface temperature, it also has the lowest electromagnetic field radiation and effective natural level infrared. It's surgical stainless steel housing and shield ensure the user is getting the purest wavelength possible.

INFRA-CORE™ Optimization Cooling System

Infra-Core Optimization Cooling System

For “Max”, “Premium” and "Premium Dual"

Optimized Cooling System

Far Infrared saunas operate at a much lower and comfortable temperature than conventional saunas. With Far Infrared penetrating the body directly and not the room, it is important for low wattage ceramic emitters to remain cool, for a long wavelength penetration throughout your entire sauna experience. With higher wattages, the surface temperature increases dramatically, offering the user a conventional heat rather than Far Infrared. 

In the Infra-Core™ “Premium” and “Max” series saunas, the “Optimization Cooling System” allows long wavelengths to be reached and maintained, offering higher levels of Far Infrared penetration and health benefits. This innovative design has allowed users to benefit from enhanced levels of Far Infrared. The Infra-Core™ “Optimization Cooling System” allows for a higher level in total revitalization of the mind, body and soul, than any other Far Infrared sauna.

The revolutionary new advancement in customizable infrared heat therapy associated with the entire infrared heat spectrum to benefit your personal health needs with just a “flick of a switch.”

Opti-Cool System

Activate the Opti-Cool System for the most beneficial far infrared heat for affective weight loss, blood pressure reduction, detoxification, deep penetrable heat, and ultimate relaxation.

De-Activate the Opti-Cool System for a mid-near infrared heat to benefit from pain relief, improved blood circulation, cell health, and skin rejuvenation.

Infra-Core™ “Wide Spread Projection” with “Opti-Cool” allows you instant personalized benefits from the entire infrared spectrum by a “flick of a switch”.

The use of multi-level blend of infrared wavelengths to effectively address your own personal health requirements.

Unmatched emissivity of “concentrated” far infrared wide spread projection emission pattern backed by more than two decades clinical use.

The feeling of natural soothing sun light without the harmful UV rays.


Infra Floor System Example

A First Industry Exclusive

(Optional upgrade on Max and Premium infrared sauna)

Infra Floor System

The floor/base of your sauna emits an evenly soothing warm radiant heat right across the entire floor area. The radiant floor is covered with a decorative modern ceramic tile which compliments the beauty of the handcrafted Canadian made cedar sauna cabin by Saunacore™. 

The floors radiant heat enhances comfort to the sauna bather because radiant systems warm the floor and the objects in the room. This prevents your body from losing heat to cold objects in the room, which usually is the sauna floor. It allows the bather to get total body infrared converage. This is due to the scientific fact that heat energy is always drawn to cold objects. When we stand on a cold floor or next to a cold wall, we feel cold. This has nothing to do with the air temperature and everything to do with the fact that heat is being lost from our bodies to warm up the cold objects around us. 

The radiant characteristics of the “Infra-Floor™” is that it emits zero EMF (electromagnetic fields), it is evenly and entirely spread across the sauna floor, it is very durable, flexible, low wattage, and long lasting. The INFRA-FLOOR™ engineered to radiat at approximately 12 watts per square foot, just enough to sooth the bathers, while keeping its operation efficient. Infra-Core now offers a way to efficiently control this with its exclusive “Infra-Floor™” radiant floor heating system. 

Available on the INFRA-CORE™ Max and INFRA-CORE™ Premium Series.