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Frequently Asked Questions regarding traditional, outdoor and DIY saunas,  infrared saunas, sauna heaters, Eco-Tech Saunas Steamcore Steambath, shipping of products

All Eco-Tech Saunas FAQ


If your product arrives damaged by courier or trucking companies or if you suspect any damage please have the driver make note on the delivery slip and then contact us immediately for further instructions.

Yes, we recommend that you have someone to help carry in your sauna. All of our saunas are shipped in crates. Once the crate is open you can carry your sauna to its location.

The trucking company only delivers curbside. Curbside means they will unload it to your driveway. If you don’t have anyone to help you get it into your home we can offer other solutions for your delivery.

Yes someone has to be there to receive, inspect and sign for the shipment. The trucking company will call the day before delivery and give a time frame when they will be at your home.

Yes, someone needs to be home to receive, inspect and sign for the package. If no one is available to receive it the courier will leave a call tag you may then make arrangements to pick up at the local depot. If you don’t contact the courier they will then make a maximum of 3 delivery attempts if it is still not received then they will ship it back to the shipper.

If you order a sauna kit it will be shipped by a transport company. Other items that will be also shipped by a transport company will be Modular, Outdoor and Infrared Saunas, Commercial heaters and Wood burning heaters basically anything over 150 lbs.

Any products ordered that weigh under 150 lbs will be shipped by a courier service.

Saunas (Traditional)

It will take approximately 25-30 minutes to heat up your sauna.

You can use cement, tile or stone.

It is recommended that you have a floor drain, so that any excess water has somewhere to go. However if it is impossible to install a floor drain we recommend placing a metal pan under the sauna heater to catch any excess water.

No, you only need to vent from an adjacent room to bring in air to provide proper air flow and oxygen levels in the sauna.

You will require R13 for the walls and R26 for the ceiling.

Yes, you can if you already have an existing building or building a structure to house your sauna. You will have to frame, insulate and wire your building prior to installing our do it yourself liner kit package.


Yes, you can use it dry or wet.

Sauna Heaters

With an all stainless steel heater you will not be exposed to any off gassing that can come from heaters that are coated in fabric, paints or galvanized metal. Stainless Steel is a healthier way to heat your sauna.

In our section for our electric heaters and wood burning heaters there is instructions on how to size your heater for your sauna. (click here)


The steam vaporizer works by filling the reservoir with water when the water heats it will put steam and humidity into the air. You will have 40-50% more humidity.

You will have to source your local electrical and plumbing codes for your area.

No, it has to be installed by a WETT Certified Technician.

No, it has to be installed by a licensed electrician.

Saunas (Infrared)

No you definitely cannot use water in an infrared sauna to create steam. All infrared saunas are to be used dry. The only way you can have the best of both worlds infrared and steam is to purchase our dual sauna. In the dual sauna you can have the benefits of an infrared sauna and if you want to create steam then switch to the traditional and put the water on the hot rocks to give you the steam your desire.

Some models have 120v 15 amp that will need a dedicated line and other models have 240v 20 amp that will need a dedicated line. It is recommended to check your local electrical code and have a licensed electrician install wiring and outlet.

Yes it is, but you should always consult your physician before beginning any new programs.

It is not recommended to stay in it no longer than 40 minutes. If you start to feel dizzy exit the sauna and drink water and cool down.

It will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Your sauna will reach 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steamcore Steambath

There is very little maintenance required. It will be listed in the warranty manual. For use in Commercial it is recommended it be cleaned 2 times a year and for use in residential it is recommended it be cleaned once every 1-2 years depending on its use.

Your steam generator can be store in the vanity or an existing room or closet adjacent to the bathroom.

Please see our chart for how to size for a steam generator as it does depend on the material used in the steam shower. (click here)

Yes, you will have to make some modifications. In a bathtub with a shower curtain it will have to be changed out to glass doors. In a shower the glass doors will have to be changed out or modified so that no steam escapes into the room.

Yes, you will need a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber.