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Emitter, Controls, Sizing & Ventilation

Medical grade for the most optimal health benefits.

Saunacore™ INFRA-CORE™ Emitters

Medical grade for the most optimal health benefits.

100% Solid Ceramic Emitters
Emitter is concave shaped for concentrated heating. The concave surface will emit a “concentrated” radiant pattern, which is highly effective for zone heating of the sauna.

96% Infrared Energy Efficient
Produces infrared rays in the FAR Infrared Spectrum of 5.6 to 15 microns with a Lifetime warranty against burnout. (Estimated life in excess of 10,000 operational hours.)

Emitter Housing

Surgical Stainless Steel Chamfered baffle housing, directional heat deflector, and “central” opening grills for maximum concentrated radiant dispersion of infrared rays and heat directly into the sauna, for concentrated direct penetration engineered for intense high effective zone heating.

Sauna Heater Controls

Command II Controls

The Command II Infrared Sauna Controller is the latest generation of control panel to provide fingertip control to the sauna operation, audio system, fan, lighting etc. With Bluetooth streaming built in, you can play music from your smartphone (Android, Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, HTC etc.) and listen to it as you bathe, while your device stays dry in another room!

  • Sensitive touch screen
  • Operates machine for up to 60 minutes + 90°C.
  • Slim design.
  • Digital display.
  • Telephone (through your device).
  • Bluetooth.
  • Black facia.
  • FM Radio – music.
  • USB connection port – music files.
  • Fan control – optional upgrade.
  • LED light control – optional upgrade.
  • Timer and temperature settings.
  • Low voltage.
  • Warning alarm alert.

Mechanical Control

  • Mechanical thermostat with 12 ft. capillary.
  • 60 minute timer.
  • Pilot light. 

Mercuri Controls

  • Compact, Energy Efficient Electronic Sauna Controller. 
  • Precise Time And Temperature Read-Out And Control.
  • Controller Automatically Stores Last Used Setup Data For Next Time Use.
  • Convenient, Independent One From Another Three Users Presets Allowing Immediate Start-Up With Parameters Set Differently For Each One. 
  • Can Be Configured For Both 120Vac Or 240Vac Operation.
  • Two Independent, Clear And Bright Displays For Time And Temperature.
  • Easily Configurable Between Celsius Or Fahrenheit Readouts.
  • Series Of Self-Diagnostics And Alarms For Extended Safety. Auto- Detects Temperature Sensor Failure, Prevents Sauna Operation In Over Temperature Condition.
  • Fits Standard 3-Gang Electrical Box.
  • Additional Aux Output Able To Control Device Of Your Choosing, Let It Be Radio, Lights, Fan, Or Any Other Device With Current Rating Below 10A 120Vac