6 Ways Saunas Help Fight Cancer

This is a four part series written by Susan Silberstein PHD. Susan researched and wrote an article about 6 ways an infrared sauna can aid in the fight on cancer. The 6 benefits from infrared saunas she talks about are: Direct cancer cell death, improved circulation, elimination of toxins, weight loss, immunity activation and lastly relaxation. Here is a synopsis of what valuable information you will receive from this article. 

With direct cancer cell death she explains how high temperatures can damage or kill cancer cells.

With improved circulation we can get essential nutrients, oxygen and other substances to the cell in our body. Cancer doesn't thrive in a high oxygen environment, thus improving circulation can help reverse the process.

By cleansing the skin there is an elimination of toxins from the internal organs. The sauna helps to remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

Penetrating infrared sauna rays increase blood circulation which helps speed up the metabolism to aid in weight loss. Being overweight can be a contributing factor to cancer and other diseases. 

With immunity activation increasing the heat in the body makes cancer cells look different from healthy cells thereby causing the body to fight unhealthy cells.

Lastly relaxation in sauna has the power to reduce activity in the sympathetic nerve system. This can be done through listening to music, reading, meditation or even prayer. The sauna helps to calm the body and mind reducing unhealthy activity in the body.     

Click on the following link to read Susan's article http://beatcancer.org/?s=saunas