Infrared or Traditional Sauna - What to Buy?

We get asked this question all the time "I don't know if I should buy an infrared sauna or traditional sauna"? Here is a few questions I tell people to ask themselves when deciding which one to buy.

1. How hot do I like my sauna? - if you are one that loves a lot of heat and possibly humidity a traditional sauna will reach a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. You can add water to the rocks for increased humidity or use it dry. If you don't like a lot of heat then an infrared sauna may be best for you it will reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. How much time do I want/have to spend in the sauna? - if you are looking for the health benefits of a sauna and don't have a lot of time in your day to spend in a sauna then a infrared may be what you need. You will get all the benefits of sauna bathing in 30 minutes in an infrared sauna. A traditional sauna will take 45 - 60 minutes. 

3. Do I want to lay down in the sauna? - If you are someone who likes to lay down in the sauna then you may want a traditional sauna, as it is not recommended that you lay down in an infrared sauna.

4. How many people do I want to have in my sauna? - if you want to be the only one using it or may be with one other person, then an infrared may be what you need. If you want to have more people in the sauna then may be go with a traditional then everyone is experiencing the same amount of heat. With infrared the heat is directed at each persons body than heating the entire room like a traditional sauna.

5. Do I have access to 240V? - If you don't have access to bring 240V to your sauna then you may want to buy an infrared sauna as many infrared saunas run on 110V and can be plugged into a 15 or 20 amp outlet.

6. Am I buying the sauna to aid in pain management? - if yes then an infrared sauna may be the best for you, as you can have direct heat penetrating that area of your body.

7. Do I need it to be portable? - if you need to be able to move your sauna with ease then you may want an infrared sauna. There are traditional modular saunas, some call pre-fab or pre-built saunas that are completely movable, you will require a licensed electrician to unhook your unit to move. Infrared saunas are perfect for people renting condos or apartments.

8. Does electricity costs matter to me? - if the answer is "yes" you will want to consider and infrared sauna. Infrared uses less electricity than the Traditional therefore saving you money. The traditional sauna will cost no more than the cost to run a hot tub.

9. I can't decide, I would really like both - then you can have both, with our Dual Sauna. This sauna combines all the benefits of Infrared along with the Traditional sauna that people have come to know and love for over 2 thousand years.  

Whether you decide to go with a Traditional sauna or an Infrared sauna you can't go wrong when you ask yourself what do I need my sauna to do for me. Both our traditional and infrared saunas are made here in Canada with quality cedar from British Columbia. Whether your sauna is infrared with ceramic emitters or traditional rock sauna heater both are made in Canada. A lot of care is put into each sauna to make sure you are getting the best possible sauna for you.  

Far Infra-red Sauna

I am so glad I discovered Eco-Tech Saunas. It took a while initially for me to find this amazing company on the web. To their credit, the company does not spend a lot of time and energy with fancy advertising and hard-push sales tactics. But what a gem of a company it is. Don't waste your time with all the other U.S. based companies whose links quickly come up when you google "far infra-red sauna". If you are interested in high quality products and excellent, professional customer service, call Jackie at Eco-Tech straight away.

I bought a 4x4 Infra-Core Max sauna that is manufactured by Saunacore. I have had my sauna since early March, and I use it every day. We hired a local electrician to install the proper wiring and to assemble the sauna. We have had zero problems with unit, and we could not be happier with our purchase. Using the sauna these past few months has already had a very positive impact on my health and well being.

I cannot recommend Eco-Tech Sauna highly enough.

A.B. in Durham, North Carolina

Do It Yourself Sauna

I am a custom builder and I was very happy and pleased with the quality of wood I received in the Sauna kit. Everything arrived when expected. I found the customer service and knowledge of Eco-Tech Saunas exceptional. I would use them in again in future projects.


Andrew Robbins Fine Custom Homes, Inc.

Berwyn, PA


Studies show saunas can protect against heart, brain diseases

While watching CTVNews last night this report was released about the benefits of Sauna bathing. I thought I would like to share it with anyone who is researching saunas for the benefits.

Jackie Dunham, 
Published Sunday, January 8, 2017 10:10PM EST 

Since ancient times, saunas have been used for relaxation and wellness. Now, multiple studies are suggesting that enjoying a good sweat can also help to stave off heart disease, stroke and even dementia.

Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland tracked more than 2,300 men for longer than two decades and found that subjects who used saunas regularly had a 63 per cent decrease in deaths from heart attacks and strokes. They also found a 66 per cent reduction in cases of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

The researchers also discovered that the frequency of sauna sessions played a dramatic role in how protective the practice was for the men's health. They noticed improvements in blood pressure, blood flow and heart function in as little as four sauna sessions a week over a two-month period.

The study's lead author, Jari Laukkanen, told CTV News that previous studies have shown that some brain diseases and cardiovascular diseases may share some of the same risk factors, which could explain why sauna bathing can help defend against both groups of diseases.

"I think it's very significant because we have not seen that a lifestyle factor can be so protective against (a) number of cardiovascular diseases," Laukkanen said.

Scientists call the practice "passive heat therapy" and suspect the health benefits are because the sauna raises the body's core temperature. Daniel Gagnon, a researcher at the Montreal Heart Institute, explained that the increased heat promotes better blood flow.

"The main theory is that really, it resembles exercise," Gagnon said. "When we get hot, our heart rate increases, our blood vessels dilate or open up in the skin. It's really that increase in blood flow that is thought to provide the benefits of heat in terms of cardiovascular health."

Gagnon said he is planning two more studies on saunas, one in healthy adults, the other in those with heart failure, using a sauna within the Montreal Heart Institute.

"If we can just give simple lifestyle habits to individuals that they can use on a day-to-day basis, I think that would be very powerful," Gagnon said.

Some earlier studies have suggested that there are harmful effects to saunas, such as increased itching for patients with pre-existing dry skin conditions. The Finnish researchers found no negative effects from increased sauna use and speculated that may be because of the dry heat and high temperatures used in Finnish saunas.

The research is welcome news to Julia Tourianski, the manager of a Russian-style sauna and tearoom in west Toronto.

"It is validating old cultural knowledge, things my grandparents knew," said Tourianski, who says business is booming this winter.

"Last week we had the heavy snowfall and we get slammed because people are feeling chilled to the bone and they need to get warm," Tourianski said.

Sauna patron Ian Russell says he finds the sauna relaxing.

"To me, when you walk out of here, you feel like you're six inches taller, like you could walk on water," said Russel.


With files from CTV's medical specialist Avis Favaro and producer Elizabeth St. Philip

6 Ways Saunas Help Fight Cancer

This is a four part series written by Susan Silberstein PHD. Susan researched and wrote an article about 6 ways an infrared sauna can aid in the fight on cancer. The 6 benefits from infrared saunas she talks about are: Direct cancer cell death, improved circulation, elimination of toxins, weight loss, immunity activation and lastly relaxation. Here is a synopsis of what valuable information you will receive from this article. 

With direct cancer cell death she explains how high temperatures can damage or kill cancer cells.

With improved circulation we can get essential nutrients, oxygen and other substances to the cell in our body. Cancer doesn't thrive in a high oxygen environment, thus improving circulation can help reverse the process.

By cleansing the skin there is an elimination of toxins from the internal organs. The sauna helps to remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

Penetrating infrared sauna rays increase blood circulation which helps speed up the metabolism to aid in weight loss. Being overweight can be a contributing factor to cancer and other diseases. 

With immunity activation increasing the heat in the body makes cancer cells look different from healthy cells thereby causing the body to fight unhealthy cells.

Lastly relaxation in sauna has the power to reduce activity in the sympathetic nerve system. This can be done through listening to music, reading, meditation or even prayer. The sauna helps to calm the body and mind reducing unhealthy activity in the body.     

Click on the following link to read Susan's article 

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